Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where To Start

Its been awhile since I have updated my blog. I am still having trouble of what I actually want it to be about. I think we will just stick to a mishmosh of anything and everything that comes to mine. Until I start really sewing again =) Then it will be all about my creations!

My babies are growing like weeds! Alivia is 3.5yr and gets smarter & funnier daily! I love the things she comes up with! And to think she is going to be going to preschool next year! AHHH thats outta control for me. I am not sure I am ready for that!

Masen just turned 8mon on Nov.1st. He is crawling around about to pop out his third tooth, and is just such a happy little boy! I can not believe in 4 very short months that he will be 1!!!!!!! Life does truly go by like the speed of light when you get older.

Hubby and I have just gave ourselves new goals. We want to try to get healthy for 1. We have made bad lifestyle choices when it comes to our bodies and what we put into them and we are GOING to get it in check! With doing that we are stopping other bad habits we have created. We are well on the way currently to getting our finances in check! We can wait to rid the credit card debt out of our life and never bark up that trail again!

So all in all my new outlook is "MY LIFE IS WONDERFUL"! Because how could it be anything shy of that: I have an amazing husband who works so hard to provide for myself and our children, I have TWO AMAZING children! We are all in good health!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Been Sewing Like Crazy!

I have always loved to sew. Since I remember I have been trying to make random things! Last couple days I have gone sew crazy and I really love the outcome! =) These are my spinoff of the pillowcase dresses that are so popular right now for little girls. I've been making them for about 2 yeras on and off. So here are my new ones hope who ever out there likes them! =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I love that off brand formula is available! Its so much cheaper but has everything that the pricey formula's have! We went to Sams Club today and got this monster 3lb can for Members Mark formula for around $20! For a reg. can of Similac or Infamil its even for expensive that what we paid today! Its crazy to me that people will spend the extra money for name brand things. I am a totally cheapy and try to get most everything off brand. With some exception. I wish I had time to really sit down and figure how much money my family actually saves by doing off brands. Anyway I am just totally stoked by this formula!
(The formula in the picture on the left is Parents Choice brand from Walmart and its there big can. So you can really tell how large the Member Mark is!) LOVE IT!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Love my cuties

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ABC's Of Me =)

ABC's of me

A. My air conditioner is set at: 70. And I still find my self being way to warm.

B. My bedroom theme is: No theme. One day

C. The car in my driveway is: 2002 Monte Carlo, 2001 Dodge Durango

D. My desk is: I have no desk

E. The exact time I wake up daily is: It differs

F. The first thing I wash in the shower is: I shampoo my hair first.

G. My garage is filled with: I have no garage

H. My house is: An apartment. We are working on getting a home

I. If you peeked inside my bedroom, you'd see: A cramped space.Queen size bed, a very large dresser, a crib, a changing table, a childs rocking chair, two tray tables with lamps on them.

J. My favorite juice is: no a big jusice person. But I do love Great Value brand Apple punch

K. The best part of my kitchen is: the cupboards. Nothing at all. Its small, its ugle.

L. The last person who visited my home was: My dad in June

M. The last piece of mail for me was: Credit card bill

N. My neighbors think I'm: I haven't met my neighbors

O. If you opened my fridge, you'd see: A huge case of diet coke, tons of other stuff too much to sit and list

P. My last house party was: The end of April when my girls came down from Michigan

Q. A quick meal I like to fix is: Hot dogs and mac n cheese

R. My favorite room of the house is: The living room I guess

S. The shampoo brand I use is: Tresseme(spelling) whoa

T. My largest television is: 55" Vizio. LCD, HD, 1080p. Its my third baby

U. Under my bed you will find: The bassinet and a vacuum sealer bag full of Alivia's baby clothes

V. The last time I vacumed was: A couple days ago

W. Looking out my window I see: My blinds are closed

X. I wish I had Xtra: MONEY

Y. My yard is: I only have a patio

Z. ZZZZZZzz my bedtime is: Never earlier than 10:30pm and I try to be in bed no later than 2:30am

A Good Morning

Well its actually afternoon now. We started our day of late. Any way after delaying and delaying on breakfast, Hubby finally broke down and made it. I can not get enough eggs, bacon, sausage, and topped it off with a DELICIOUS diet coke! Totally bad for my health, but you only live once right? And Live I will! haha

Well as of right now I am not sure what I want my blog to be about... Should it be about my kids, or just my life in general, or even just about randoms things? I am thinking its going to be an everything blog. Which is cool to me. Right now I really want to blog about TWILIGHT!

When the first Twilight came out in theaters I had no care in the world to see it. I even thought it looked stupid. Then when it was about to come out on dvd is when I somehow really wanted to see it! An seen it I did. I watched it so many times in a 24 hour period. After that I had to have the books. As of now I have read the Saga 8 times! And I am not finished at all!=) I am Team Switzerland for the most part. But I love me some Edward! He is amazing and if at all possible I would love to live the life of Bella! The romantic love story is what gets me the most. Its so amazing! I think any girl/women would want it for herself! =) I could go on and on but I am not going to! I LOVE TWILIGHT! I am a Twi-Mom!!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My poor baby boy! So after his shots yesterday, he isn't feelin to hot today. He woke me up a lot last night and has had a slight fever today. All he's is done is just lay around, and has even been sleeping more than usual. I just think thats from the tylenol.

He did bust up laughing at his sister though! It was adorable. It was his first BIG belly laugh! =) He loves that girl!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

*:.:Oh To Be A 3 Year Old Again!:.:*

My daughter Alivia turned 3 May 14th. And I tell ya, its a riot having a 3 year old. The things that come out of that girls mouth are so funny! I wish I had a dollar every time she said something off the wall! This family would be rich.

While at the doctors office today, she wanted to sit up on the tall bench. I told her no, because if she sat up there that ment she wanted shots. Said this to scare her but it didn't she only looked at me and said "OK, I'll Get Shots!" lmao

The funniest of all lately is my little princess becomes superman. She becomes Superman by putting one of my headbands around her head. I have no idea where this came from or where she even learned of Superman! But I tell ya its super cute when my little "Superman" pops around the corner with a headband on!

:.:*DoCtOr DaY FoR MaSeN*:.:

::It's Hard Being A Baby These Days!::

My little Masen had his 4mon check-up this afternoon. Got some great news! My big boy is 18.5lbs( Thats 3lb 12oz in 2 months!) He is 26.5" long(Thats 2-1/4" in 2 mon.) He is growing like a weed. It puts him off the charts for weight, and in the 90% for height! He is hitting all his developmental milestones, which is great!
As of right now he:
*Grabs for toys.
*Rolls from back to belly.(Never will stay on his back)
*Holds his head up great while on belly
*Laughs/Smiles all the time
*Will pull self to standing while you hold his hands!
*Sleeps from8:30-9:00pm till about 6am!
**I am sure theres more.**

But as far as the doc apt. went, He was great beside his little pee pee=( I guess momma wasn't pullin the skin back far enough and it started growing together=( Doc had to pull it back... and that = Masen screaming bloody murder, and even a little blood. poor baby! But now I know what to do so hopefully this will not happen again!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Well just got back onto my blog after a year or so. I still really don't know what to do on here.